Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Reconnaissance Party New Print Release

Built by Cadillac, the M5A1 Stuart light tank was neither heavily armed or armored. The the M5A1 Stuart was known for it's exceptional speed and maneuverability. These qualities made the M5A1 Stuart very well suited for armored reconnaissance missions. Our print illustrates the M5A1 in the markings of the 2nd Armored, 82nd Recon. Having served in Africa, Sicily and Europe the 2nd Armored saw extensive action throughout World War II. It is no wonder the unit was known as "Hell on Wheels".
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Gary Symington said...

Great viewpoint helping the tank appear bigger than it was. The puddles in front are a nice touch. An excellent job- you really do your research.


Mark Karvon said...

Thank you very much Gary.

paul shepherdson said...

Hi Mark,

Excellent picture of the Stuart, I have a particular interest in the tank depicted in the painting as I own it.


Mark Karvon said...

Thank you Paul Your tank is superb!