Friday, March 26, 2010

Cover of American Submariner

On January 23, 2010 the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) was decommissioned in the Port of Los Angeles. It is a very special occassion when any ship is decommissioned but especially so when it is the lead ship of the class.

In an interesting note the USS Los Angeles was carrying the famous Cribbage board used by Duddly Morton and Dick O'Kane when they were aboard the Wahoo. The story is the Wahoo had especially good hunting after a high scoring Cribbage game. By tradition, the board is passed to the oldest active boat in the fleet. The hallowed board will now have a new home. (I'm not sure what is the current oldest boat in the fleet at present.)

I am extremely grateful and honored I was invited to display a commemorative edition of my USS Los Angeles print during the weekend activities. (My representative was actually invited to attend the invitation only cerimony in person but was unable to go because of family obligations.) Of course I was hoping to get a few orders (I did) but the highlight was when the print on display was signed by the first and last Chiefs of the Boat. That print will be placed on display at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. They are hoping to get the actual sub or at least her conning tower for permanent display as well.
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Another great honor is the print has been featured on the latest edition of "American Submariner" magazine.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

XB-70 Valkyrie Print

Designed and constructed during the "Cold War", the Valkyrie first flew in 1964. The United States issued a requirement for a heavy bomber capable of cruising at Mach 3 with range enough to reach the USSR to deliver a nuclear weapon. Rapid progress of intercontinental ballistic missile programs soon negated the role for which the Valkyrie was intended and the program was cancelled. Two prototypes were constructed however, the number two ship was lost in a tragic accident in 1966 when a chase plane collided with it during a test flight. The first airplane continued to fly with NASA until her retirement in 1969 and is now on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force near Dayton, OH. The Valkyrie has been described as beautiful, graceful, powerful and unmatched.

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