Sunday, February 20, 2011

To The Cosmos

Designed in the 1960s, the Soyuz spacecraft has been a mainstay of Russian space flight for the past 4 decades. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, the Soyuz has become the primary vehicle in the world for manned space flight. Steadily upgraded through the years, the Soyuz TMA features glass cockpit displays and state of the art computer systems. With an unequaled record for safety and shear number of flights, the Soyuz is a remarkable piece of Russian engineering and truly a spacecraft for all mankind.

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Arthur Eggers said...

Back in 1987 I got to go to Moscow on an assignment when I was in the Air Force. The USSR, at the time, had their "version" of the Air and Space Museum... paled in contrast to ours at the Smithsonian! But... They had many of the launch vehicles prominently displayed about the property. I remember seeing the this and others on static display out front. I had gone to our Air and Space Museum a few months before, when I was staying in DC, before I deployed to Moscow... so it was still fresh in my mind. Love this depiction!