Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Against All Odds - Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 Return To Steam

Union Pacific's Big Boy locomotive is legendary. A true icon from the days when steam power on the railroad was at its pinnacle. When diesels took over all the Big Boys were retired to museums or sold for scrap. Generations of rail fans who never knew what it was like to experience Big Boy in operation first hand will now get that chance. Union Pacific has a long a proud tradition of mainline steam operation and Big Boy #4014 will join the stable. Well done UP!

In honor of Union Pacific bringing Big Boy #4014 I have released a limited edition canvas print of Big Boy #4014. The price for this print is normally $110.00 but for a limited time this print will be available at a one-time only, introductory price of $95.00 unitl 1/31/14. Prints are available through my website at www.markkarvon.com/.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

American Patrol

One of the most recognizable vehicles from World War II, the M3 Half Track was adopted for a wide variety of roles. Fitted with a quad .50 caliber machine gun mount, the vehicle was known as the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage. The Half Track is accompanied by another iconic vehicle, the GMC CCKW 6X6 truck known as the "Deuce And A Half". This print depicts a patrol featuring both vehicles  in the European Theater of Operations during the winter of 1944. The painting is used as the cover piece for the Military Issue Holiday Catalog in 2013.